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"Adesh" Western Style Beaded Necklace "Adesh" Western Style Beaded Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Adesh" Western Style Beaded Necklace

$ 299.00 $ 399.95

Cross boundaries with this Nepali-inspired necklace. From the American West to the majestic mountain ranges of Nepal, this piece shares the beauty ...
"Ahimsa" Multi-Strand Square Pendant Necklace "Ahimsa" Multi-Strand Square Pendant Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Ahimsa" Multi-Strand Square Pendant Necklace

$ 73.00 $ 98.00

Multiple seed bead strands pop against a square, brass pendant. Handmade in India. Length: 21 1/2" Pendant: 3-9/16"L x 3-1/16"W Closure: Button &am...
"Akasha" Faceted Bead Tassel Drop Earrings "Akasha" Faceted Bead Tassel Drop Earrings QUICK VIEW

"Akasha" Faceted Bead Tassel Drop Earrings

$ 40.00 $ 50.00

Glistening beads and dangling tassels make this handcrafted piece fun to style with a variety of outfits. From casual to dressy, the Akasha earring...
"Amiri" Multi Strand 20" Beaded Necklace "Amiri" Multi Strand 20" Beaded Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Amiri" Multi Strand 20" Beaded Necklace

$ 299.00 $ 499.95

Give your outfit a global edge when you add this statement piece to your wardrobe. Featuring vibrant colors and highly detailed ebellishments, this...
"Kalyani" 9-piece Bangle Set QUICK VIEW

"Kalyani" 9-piece Bangle Set

$ 40.00 $ 78.00

The "Kalyani" bangle set is the perfect everyday, go-to set that you can wear as a whole or break it up and layer with other bangles! This set fea...
"Kamila" 15" Bibbed Collar Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Kamila" 15" Bibbed Collar Necklace

$ 299.00 $ 799.95

Some necklaces make a statement, while others fully embody the statement. This decadent bibbed collar necklace is a perfect example of the powerful...
"Kushala" Scalloped Collar Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Kushala" Scalloped Collar Necklace

$ 35.00 $ 88.00

Keep it classic with this beautiful hand beaded collar made in India. Pair it with anything casual for a stylish look or pair it with something for...
"Pakshi" Simulated Turquoise Beaded Drop Necklace "Pakshi" Simulated Turquoise Beaded Drop Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Pakshi" Simulated Turquoise Beaded Drop Necklace

$ 69.00 $ 89.00

Bright, bold, and the perfect shade of turquoise. The Pakshi is the perfect addition to your statement necklace collection. Wear it with an off-the...
"Pavana" Ethiopian Cross Pendant Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Pavana" Ethiopian Cross Pendant Necklace

$ 69.00 $ 148.00

Inspired by Ethiopian's heritage and handcrafted in India, this necklace brings unity to fashion. Chunky antiqued brass beads are strung together w...
"Prema" Rectangle Drop Earrings QUICK VIEW

"Prema" Rectangle Drop Earrings

$ 69.00 $ 98.00

Bring the past and present together with this intricate pair of lapis earrings. This timeless piece adds a touch of beauty to any outfit with doubl...
"Tara" Triple Spike Earrings "Tara" Triple Spike Earrings QUICK VIEW

"Tara" Triple Spike Earrings

$ 29.00 $ 38.00

Bringing a whole new meaning to fashion, these fierce earrings impact communities in India. Each earring has three resin spikes strung through cha...
"Tusti" Gem Inspired Flower Bangle QUICK VIEW

"Tusti" Gem Inspired Flower Bangle

$ 36.00 $ 48.00

The "Tusti" bangle is hand-stamped with intricate brass and turquoise designs that adds a pop of color to your wrist. Perfect for the spring and s...
"Urja" Amber Inspired Hexagon Bangle QUICK VIEW

"Urja" Amber Inspired Hexagon Bangle

$ 89.00 $ 150.00

Delight yourself with this unique bangle. Its amber-inspired marbling overlaid with the blue and turquoise glass bead flower design and hexagon sh...

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