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"Anurita" Embellished Envelope Clutch QUICK VIEW

"Anurita" Embellished Envelope Clutch

$ 69.00

Perfect for the holidays, this embellished envelope clutch will be sure to add some shimmer and shine to your outfit! The "Anurita" clutch is the p...
"Poshika" Rhinestone Wrapped Bone Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Poshika" Rhinestone Wrapped Bone Necklace

$ 79.00

Create some drama with this rhinestone encrusted bone necklace! Boho bone features mixed with the glitz of rhinestones makes this the unique statem...
"Purala" Beaded Chevron Clutch QUICK VIEW

"Purala" Beaded Chevron Clutch

$ 99.00

Shimmer and shine with this beautifully made beaded chevron clutch! The "Purala" is perfect to pair with your LBD or even jeans and a white button ...
"Rutva" Modern Twisted Silver Bangle QUICK VIEW

"Rutva" Modern Twisted Silver Bangle

$ 69.95

Modern and lightweight, this bangle could be your ultimate statement piece! The silver color can be matched up to any piece in your wardrobe. Handm...
"Swati" Geometric Beaded Clutch QUICK VIEW

"Swati" Geometric Beaded Clutch

$ 99.00

Handcrafted artistry doesn't get much better than this geometric beaded clutch! The "Swati" clutch is perfect for a night out or for a holiday part...
"Taru" Beaded Double Embroidered Drop Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Taru" Beaded Double Embroidered Drop Necklace

$ 69.00

Create the illusion of wearing two necklaces with this beaded double drop necklace! Faceted beads and rhinestones paired with two feathered tassels...
"Timila" Rhinestone Wrapped Horn Dangle Earrings QUICK VIEW

"Timila" Rhinestone Wrapped Horn Dangle Earrings

$ 39.00

Rustic meets glamor with these rhinestone wrapped horn earrings! Perfect for everyday wear or for a dressed up occasion! Handmade in India.  Length...
"Triveni" Silver and Black Web Linked Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Triveni" Silver and Black Web Linked Necklace

$ 59.00

Create the look of layers with this intricately beaded web linked necklace! Wear it dressed up with a deep v-neck dress or wear it casual with your...
"Wafiya" Silver and Black Web Hand Chain QUICK VIEW

"Wafiya" Silver and Black Web Hand Chain

$ 39.00

Add an elegant touch to your outfit with this silver and black web hand chain. A cross between a bracelet and a ring, this hand chain is the perfec...
"Yatee" Chain Rhinestone Cuff "Yatee" Chain Rhinestone Cuff QUICK VIEW

"Yatee" Chain Rhinestone Cuff

$ 69.00

Sparkling rhinestones and dangling beads make this handcrafted cuff a must have when you're wanting to elevate your favorite blouse or dress. The Y...
"Zulema" Chain Rhinestone Necklace "Zulema" Chain Rhinestone Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Zulema" Chain Rhinestone Necklace

$ 89.00

Make your outfit sparkle and shine with this extravagantly handcrafted necklace. Drenched in rhinestones, the "Zulema" necklace is the perfect stat...

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