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"Aabhal" Collar Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Aabhal" Collar Necklace

$ 98.00

You'll love this beautiful, detailed, goldtone collar handcrafted in India.This brass seed bead necklace is tightly woven and drapes beautifully. H...
"Aabharika" Glass Bead Tassel Necklace "Aabharika" Glass Bead Tassel Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Aabharika" Glass Bead Tassel Necklace

$ 24.00

Layer up your look with the perfect glass bead tassel necklace! The "Aabharika" necklace is a fun way to add color and movement to your outfit! We ...
"Aarti" Square Lapis Dangle Earrings QUICK VIEW

"Aarti" Square Lapis Dangle Earrings

$ 39.00

The perfect everyday lapis earring is finally here! The "Aarti" goes perfectly with your favorite jeans and a t-shirt or even a cute sundress. Hand...
"Adesh" Western Style Beaded Necklace "Adesh" Western Style Beaded Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Adesh" Western Style Beaded Necklace

$ 299.00 $ 399.95

Cross boundaries with this Nepali-inspired necklace. From the American West to the majestic mountain ranges of Nepal, this piece shares the beauty ...
"Ahimsa" Multi-Strand Square Pendant Necklace "Ahimsa" Multi-Strand Square Pendant Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Ahimsa" Multi-Strand Square Pendant Necklace

$ 73.00 $ 98.00

Multiple seed bead strands pop against a square, brass pendant. Handmade in India. Length: 21 1/2" Pendant: 3-9/16"L x 3-1/16"W Closure: Button &am...
"Ahu" Turkish Coin Collar Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Ahu" Turkish Coin Collar Necklace

$ 200.00

This collar necklace is a substantial addition to your wardrobe. This turkish necklace brings the old world to the new. Handmade in Turkey.  Lengt...
"Ailani" Pure Silver Woven Cuff QUICK VIEW

"Ailani" Pure Silver Woven Cuff

$ 599.00

Indulge in the luxury of 98% pure silver from Laos. The Ailani cuff is the perfect everyday cuff that will elevate and go with every outfit. Handma...
"Ajara" Multi Strand Chain and Rhinestone Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Ajara" Multi Strand Chain and Rhinestone Necklace

$ 79.00

Add some drama to your accessory wardrobe with this multi strand rhinestone encrusted necklace! This is the perfect special occasion necklace but c...
"Akasa" Woven Collar Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Akasa" Woven Collar Necklace

$ 25.00

This tri-tone metal woven collar is reminiscent of Egyptian culture. Woven strands of silver, copper, and gold metals form a hollow necklace that i...
"Akash" Goldtone Engraved Feather Cuff "Akash" Goldtone Engraved Feather Cuff QUICK VIEW

"Akash" Goldtone Engraved Feather Cuff

$ 79.00

Add some texture to your accessory wardrobe with this handcrafted and engraved cuff! The Akash cuff is a great addition to any outfit! Wear it loos...
"Akasha" Faceted Bead Tassel Drop Earrings "Akasha" Faceted Bead Tassel Drop Earrings QUICK VIEW

"Akasha" Faceted Bead Tassel Drop Earrings

$ 40.00 $ 50.00

Glistening beads and dangling tassels make this handcrafted piece fun to style with a variety of outfits. From casual to dressy, the Akasha earring...
"Aleema" Oval Lapis Ring "Aleema" Oval Lapis Ring QUICK VIEW

"Aleema" Oval Lapis Ring

$ 98.00

Complete your look with this striking statement ring. Imported from the mines of Afghanistan, the deep blue color of the lapis is the finest in the...
"Amira" Sterling Silver and Lapis Geometric Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Amira" Sterling Silver and Lapis Geometric Necklace

$ 330.00

Create a modern and luxurious look with this sterling silver and lapis geometric necklace! The Amira is a versatile piece that will never go out of...
"Amiri" Multi Strand 20" Beaded Necklace "Amiri" Multi Strand 20" Beaded Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Amiri" Multi Strand 20" Beaded Necklace

$ 299.00 $ 499.95

Give your outfit a global edge when you add this statement piece to your wardrobe. Featuring vibrant colors and highly detailed ebellishments, this...
"Amiya" Bone-Accented Vintage Inspired Stretch Bracelet Set "Amiya" Bone-Accented Vintage Inspired Stretch Bracelet Set QUICK VIEW

"Amiya" Bone-Accented Vintage Inspired Stretch Bracelet Set

$ 38.00

Shimmer and shine with this set of five faceted bead bracelets! Wear them as singles, in pairs, or in any configuration if you please! However you ...
"Amiyah" Eye of Horas Lapis Earrings QUICK VIEW

"Amiyah" Eye of Horas Lapis Earrings

$ 48.00

Indulge in beautiful lapis with these eye of horas lapis earrings! They feature beautiful intricate metal work combined with lapis composite to ado...
"Amneet" Mosaic Pendant Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Amneet" Mosaic Pendant Necklace

$ 58.00

This handmade mosaic pendant hangs from turquoise and gold seed bead strands that make it a truly one of a kind piece. Handmade in India. Length: 2...
"Aneesa" Lapis Goldtone Wrap-Style Bracelet "Aneesa" Lapis Goldtone Wrap-Style Bracelet QUICK VIEW

"Aneesa" Lapis Goldtone Wrap-Style Bracelet

$ 159.00

Accessorize your outfit with this unique lapis wrap-style cuff! Pair it with thin gold bangles or wear it on its own; either way it's a sure knocko...
"Anek" Western Simulated Turquoise and Coral Bracelet "Anek" Western Simulated Turquoise and Coral Bracelet QUICK VIEW

"Anek" Western Simulated Turquoise and Coral Bracelet

$ 399.95

Add a touch of western inspired fashion to your accessory wardrobe with this simulated turquoise and coral bracelet! The "Anek" bracelet is the per...
"Anoosh" Lapis Bead Coin Necklace "Anoosh" Lapis Bead Coin Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Anoosh" Lapis Bead Coin Necklace

$ 298.00

Culture truly comes alive in this handcrafted necklace that features ancient Afghan coins and prized lapis lazuli. Three rows of hand polished lapi...
"Anoosha" Lapis Coin Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Anoosha" Lapis Coin Necklace

$ 125.00

This single strand necklace features ornate polished lapis beads accented with antique Afghan coins. This long necklace is great to dress up or dow...
"Anurita" Embellished Envelope Clutch QUICK VIEW

"Anurita" Embellished Envelope Clutch

$ 69.00

Perfect for the holidays, this embellished envelope clutch will be sure to add some shimmer and shine to your outfit! The "Anurita" clutch is the p...
"Aparna" Diamond 22k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Cuff QUICK VIEW

"Aparna" Diamond 22k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Cuff

$ 1,200.00

Dress up your look with this diamond and 22k gold plated sterling silver cuff! Perfect for the day or night; this cuff is sure to be a show stopper...
"Ara" Lapis Studs QUICK VIEW

"Ara" Lapis Studs

$ 98.00

A chunk of Lapis makes a beautiful stud that will accent any outfit in your wardrobe.    Each stud features silvertone prongs that encompass a bea...
"Armaghan" Double Strand Lapis Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Armaghan" Double Strand Lapis Necklace

$ 288.00

Two strands of hand made lapis beads pair perfectly with your favorite jeans or your little black dress! The beads are hand carved, polished, and s...
"Arzu" Oval Lapis 3-Row Stretch Bracelet "Arzu" Oval Lapis 3-Row Stretch Bracelet QUICK VIEW

"Arzu" Oval Lapis 3-Row Stretch Bracelet

$ 248.00

Fall in love with the brilliant blue of this lapis stretch bracelet! The "Arzu" is a perfect everyday staple piece that will easily pair with your ...
"Asli" Turkish Coin Earrings QUICK VIEW

"Asli" Turkish Coin Earrings

$ 80.00

These earrings give a dramatic look to your outfit. Each earring has a trio of Turkish coin-inspired drops cast from the molds of authentic Turkis...
"Asman" Lapis Station Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Asman" Lapis Station Necklace

$ 348.00

Be bold and beautiful in this handcrafted statement necklace made in Afghanistan.  This necklace has seven lapis stations with the largest in the c...
"Atal" Mosaic Bliss Cuff QUICK VIEW

"Atal" Mosaic Bliss Cuff

$ 349.95

Add an elegant statement piece to your wardrobe with this beautiful mosaic bliss cuff! The "Atal" cuff wears perfectly with anything from jeans and...
"Avneet" Tribal Embellished Tote QUICK VIEW

"Avneet" Tribal Embellished Tote

$ 199.00

Create a global inspired look with this fun tribal embellished tote! The "Avneet" tote is perfect for travel, to take to the beach, or even to use ...
"Avnit" Mosaic 11-piece Bangle Set "Avnit" Mosaic 11-piece Bangle Set QUICK VIEW

"Avnit" Mosaic 11-piece Bangle Set

$ 79.00

This set of 11 bangles with mosaic pattern, solid colors and gold tone prep up your casual t-shirt and denim look. Mix and match these bangles from...
"Avnita" Autumn Faceted Bangle "Avnita" Autumn Faceted Bangle QUICK VIEW

"Avnita" Autumn Faceted Bangle

$ 30.00

Make a statement with this beautifully faceted bangle bracelet! The "Avnita" is the perfect accent to any outfit and can be worn year round! This ...
"Ayla" Coin Dangle Earrings QUICK VIEW

"Ayla" Coin Dangle Earrings

$ 59.00

Elevate your look with these beautifully handcrafted coin dangle earrings! The "Ayla" earrings will be your new favorite versatile earrings taking ...
"Azadah" Double Row Lapis Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Azadah" Double Row Lapis Necklace

$ 178.00

This fairly traded necklace features pear-shaped lapis stones that hang from wooden beads, creating a mixture of materials perfect for bringing lux...
"Azita" Paisley Earrings QUICK VIEW

"Azita" Paisley Earrings

$ 138.00

Feel like a princess in these noble-inspired earrings. These paisley shaped earrings feature intricate metal detailing and beautiful lapis stones m...
"Badria" Filigree Bead Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Badria" Filigree Bead Necklace

$ 268.00

Inspired by ancient Afghan culture, this handmade beaded lapis necklace brings the craftsmanship of Afghan artisans to life.  This necklace is made...
"Bahar" Round Lapis Station Cuff QUICK VIEW

"Bahar" Round Lapis Station Cuff

$ 88.00

Accessorize your look with the perfect arm candy such as this beautiful lapis station cuff! The "Bahar" cuff is the perfect everyday piece that w...
"Baheera" Lapis Silvertone Medallion-Style Cuff "Baheera" Lapis Silvertone Medallion-Style Cuff QUICK VIEW

"Baheera" Lapis Silvertone Medallion-Style Cuff

$ 169.00

Bezel set lapis stones in a shield design make this distinctive cuff a standout! The Baheera cuff is the versatile cuff that your accessory wardrob...
"Balour" Lapis Triangular Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Balour" Lapis Triangular Necklace

$ 398.00

Experience Lapis luxury with this beautifully designed 3 row Lapis beaded necklace with Triangular Lapis Charms. Handmade in Afghanistan.  Length: ...
"Bao" Small Oval Horn Chain-Link Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Bao" Small Oval Horn Chain-Link Necklace

$ 48.00

Bring a piece of Vietnam home with you with this simple horn chain-link necklace. Handmade in Vietnam.   Length: 28"
"Boosah" Lapis Silvertone Oval Drop Necklace "Boosah" Lapis Silvertone Oval Drop Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Boosah" Lapis Silvertone Oval Drop Necklace

$ 299.95

Indulge in the finest of Afghanistan lapis while adding a statement to your outfit by wearing the Boosah necklace. It's a bold look that can take y...
"Caeleh" Wood and Horn Bangle "Caeleh" Wood and Horn Bangle QUICK VIEW

"Caeleh" Wood and Horn Bangle

$ 48.00

Layer up your favorite bangles and bracelets with this wood and horn bangle! The "Caeleh" bangle was created from sustainable harvested horn and ma...
"Candika" Beaded Tapestry Collar Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Candika" Beaded Tapestry Collar Necklace

$ 68.00

Feel the tribal vibe in this tapestry inspired collar necklace. Pair this 'one of a kind' necklace with any sundress or t-shirt to brighten up your...
"Cara" Embroidered Square Clutch "Cara" Embroidered Square Clutch QUICK VIEW

"Cara" Embroidered Square Clutch

Sold Out

Add fun and unique patterns to your wardrobe with this beautifully embroidered square clutch. The "Cara" is the perfect pop of color for your upcom...
"Charvi" Round Lapis Pendant Necklace "Charvi" Round Lapis Pendant Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Charvi" Round Lapis Pendant Necklace

$ 98.00

Bring a little bit of Afghanistan home with this beautiful pendant. This pendant comes on a beautiful silvertone serpent chain. The detail of this ...
"Eernel" Turkish Coin Bracelet "Eernel" Turkish Coin Bracelet QUICK VIEW

"Eernel" Turkish Coin Bracelet

$ 130.00

Add a regal touch to your outfit with this elegant Turkish coin bracelet! The "Eernel" bracelet is the perfect way to elevate your look. Dress it ...
"Ekata" Black and White Collar Necklace QUICK VIEW

"Ekata" Black and White Collar Necklace

$ 48.00

This handcrafted collar from India is a great staple item to have in your jewelry collection. This collar features alternating pieces of black and...
"Elina" Mosaic Inlay Bangle QUICK VIEW

"Elina" Mosaic Inlay Bangle

$ 48.00

Make a statement with this mosaic inlay bangle! The "Elina" bangle features hand placed turquoise and red mosaic pieces which form this beautiful d...

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